Pompano Beach, FL

Tailwheel Signoff

Free Initial Consultation

Goal: Tailwheel Endorsement

Syllabus custom designed to your skills and background

Typically 5-8 Hours @  $400/hr wet (Total: $2000-$3200 + GroundSchool)

Emergency Confidence Training Included: Jammed Controls, fires, failures, and other 'out of the box' scenarios.  Become a SAFER pilot!

Groundschool is 2.5 hours: Investment: $400 (includes lifetime flight pre/post brief times)

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Biplane Transition Training

Designed for Skybolt, Pitts, Great Lakes, Acrosport, Acroduster, Starduster, EAA biplane and other similar small biplanes

Get Experience Before Phase I Testing

Instructor Only (Your own Airplane): $200/hr flight time

Gain Confidence with FAA-Approved Training Syllabus

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Pinch Hitter

Perfect for Frequent Passengers

Learn how an aircraft flies, what the instruments tell you, what the pilot controls do, how to use those controls and the radios and navigation equipment, and how to land safely

Four Hours in the Cessna 170B

Three Hours of Ground Training

Investment: $1999

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Intro to Tail Flying

Free Initial Consultation

Experience the feel of flying a 65+ year old airplane.

Intro to Tailwheels

One Hour Flight Time

One Hour Ground School

Investment: $550

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