Comrades, South Africa – “Enjoy the Journey”

I haven’t even run the race yet, and I can already feel that Comrades is beyond any race I’ve ever experienced, or ever will again unless I return. If you have ever finished a marathon, 1/2 marathon, or even a 10k, then Comrades is truly the ultimate experience unrivaled by anything else in the World. Last year, over 14,200 runners finished the race from around the world, making Comrades Officially (According to the Guinness Book of World Records) “The Greatest Ultramarathon in the World.”

Just some quick notes from South Africa, Pre-Comrades Race:

* People walk the same way they drive – You enter on the left, and exit on the left.

* The volume knob on the radio is on the right, not the left

* They drive on the left side of the road, and the wheel is in the right seat

* The plugs are type “M” – a fat triangle circle of holes

* There is no salsa anywhere.

* The accents are a mix of British, African, and Australian

* The food is SOOOO FRESHH

* Eggs are not refrigerated – they’re that fresh

* The food is a amazing because of the non-chemical laced ingredients

* A full wonderful meal is about $10

* The surfing is world-class, and not crowded – even on the crowded weekends

* We are staying at Ansteys Backpackers – nice, rustic, beachplace which is a “Non-Catered” apartment. Very nice, not fancy – if you’re not a princess it’s great.

* The sand is – orange

* We’ve driven our Hyundai i10 – not available in the USA for some unknown reason – for 170km and the gas gauge has barely moved – seems like we are averaging 45-55mpg. Apparently, it is not available in North America for purely political reasons.

* We saw an amazing rainbow.

* It’s winter here.

* Comrades Expo was like most large expos – just full of much nicer people.

* It’s a 15 hour flight to Johannesburg, and 45 mins to Durban

* Price for an all-day Spa – $150

* There are some scary areas of Durban – like any city

* Architecture is almost identical to Goa, India.

* The Spirit of Comrades is evident any time you are near the event. Boston is about ego and bragging rights – this has the aura of camaraderie, fellowship, support, and a truly international event.

* Comrades is about the “journey” – almost every runner we have spoken with has said that to us. “Enjoy the Journey” seems to be the unofficial motto.