Key Biscayne Duathlon

Rarely in the past have I raced the same race year over year. But being located so close to the Multi-Race triathlon location, it’s hard not to be go back. (Spoiler: They are a sponsor). The duathlon race this year seemed considerably larger than last year, and it was definitely far more competitive. Although I achieved a PR, I didn’t make the podium (4th).  The course is unchanged, but there is little need to change when the course works perfectly.

In any case, I had one of the fastest transition times, but I know I can still improve on that. I wasn’t as efficient as I could have been – a little pre-race practice would have helped. But, overall, I’ll take it!

Hopefully next month’s race will be even faster.



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2018 Mack Cycle Duathlon Trilogy #1
Race Results for Dale
Male 45-49 on 2018-06-17
Cat Place6/62/65/62/65/64/6
Cat %08020802040
Sex Place42/5324/5331/5318/5333/5332/53
Sex %215642673840
OA Place57/8129/8134/8122/8139/8136/81
OA %306559745356
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