Biplane Transition Training

EAA, as well as the FAA and NTSB, strongly recommend that all builders and new owners of experimental aircraft undertake a thorough transition training program before flying their own aircraft solo for the first time (during Phase I testing or otherwise).

We just completed receiving a Letter of Deviation Authority from the FAA in order to allow us to teach those building or transitioning to a Pitts, Great Lakes, Skybolt, Starduster, Acrosport, Acroduster, or similar aircraft using the Skybolt we own in Pompano Beach, FL.

The training can also be used as a BFR. The approval states:


Federal aviation regulations section 91.319(a) prohibits the for-hire use of experimental aircraft unless a deviation is provided in the form of a Letter Of Deviation Authority (LODA) issued by the FAA. The LODA allows type-specific transition training to be offered for hire in the specific aircraft listed in the LODA. The instructor providing the training must also be listed in the LODA.

LODAs do not permit flight training leading to the issuance of a pilot certificate or endorsement (i.e., tailwheel). Training for aerobatic flight maneuvers is also prohibited. Flight training considered acceptable under a LODA consists of, but is not limited to:

  • Initial or recurrent flight training for the operation of a specific make and model of experimental aircraft.
  • Training for a flight review in a specific make and model of experimental aircraft.
  • Instrument competency training for specific make and model experimental aircraft.
  • Formation training for specific make and model experimental aircraft.

Since completed Skybolts can vary significantly in avionics, engine, and cockpit configurations, this training is not intended to prepare the student for a mastery of the specific configuration of the training aircraft. Instead, this program includes enough specific training to provide the student only with the information that he or she needs to be able to learn the flying characteristics of the type. This philosophy especially applies to operation of the avionics and fixed-pitch propeller.

If you are interested in getting training in a small biplane, contact us!

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